Friday, September 21, 2012

Wow, it´s getting hard to avoid the i + animal (sheep, lemming, ...) words

How do you label people that require step-by-step directions how to open a website? (

OTOH, no practical tips like wait with upgrades and buying the iPhone 5 till you know how Apple will handle this interesting and funny development.

Furthermore, or even a new Google Maps app will not really solve the issue:

E.g. currently I use an app that sends my location to somebody via email/sms. As long the OS relies on faulty data (you mean as whole towns not existing or being entered at completely wrong places), the message can be quiet misleading, the app that´s really cool when driving to let someone know how long it will take me is (potentially,  depending upon local data quality) useless, without even one line of code changes.

Basically all apps that have location awareness can misbehave at any time, till the data in Apple Maps gets fixed. No addon app/web app will fix that, and I´d even guess that even on jailbroken devices it won´t be easy to fix. (Well one can always hope that dropping in some parts from iOS5 would fix it, but such ugly fixes tend to be partially broken at best.)


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