Thursday, October 18, 2012

Todd@Macblog:People Keep Talking about iPhone 5′s Weight

Todd is again at his best, living in a corporate walled garden.

Hint: the iPhone 5 is not the lightest phone out there. And while it feels nice, that only lasts till the scratches get deep enough that you can feel them, not only see them.

Hint: There have been many very nice, and anything but cheap feeling/looking tablets in the 300g (10oz or so) range, for some time now.

From personal experience, ~1.4 pounds or 650g as Apple specs it's iPad is clearly to heavy to hold in one hand for any period of time. Never understood how understanding "premium customers" can be, OTOH, I guess these are more civilized and less willing to complain. (An observation from my teenager days, privately paying patients, "premium patients" if you want so, were almost always more willing to wait for their treatment, than social cases on a government plan, which sometimes managed to raise a stink after waiting 5 minutes.)


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