Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Why does Marketing do this to us? (or why is the S3 probably slower and faster at the same time, compared to the iPhone 5

Reviews of the iPhone 5 comparing it to the S3 usually claim that the CPU performance is comparable, sometimes claiming that the S3 comes out faster sometimes the iPhone 5 comes out faster.

Now, benchmarking is prone to many problems, getting it right is far from trivial, but beside this, the CPU benchmark for US/international version vary around 10% (with the US version being slower), which would explain that some review suggest that the iPhone 5 is slightly faster, and some reviews suggesting the iPhone 5 is a tiny bit slower.

So because for marketing reasons two different phones (quadcore with 1GB RAM, dual core with 2GB RAM) are being sold as the same device.

Btw, while the CPU is slightly faster on the international version, I'd personally prefer the 2GB version, OTOH, it's a tiny difference at a very very high performance level.


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