Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Practical considerations

Python Diary: According to HTTP methods Logging out is a POST,2012/according-http-methods-logging-out-post.html

Well, logout via GET is basically okay, the strict requirement is that the  operation is idempotent. Logouts tend to be so.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Rapoo E6300

Upgraded my Nexus to Android 4.2, seems to work  better, we'll see.

Offtopic, but certain country bumpkins have claimed that this cannot happen.

Business Insider

Seems despite claims that with current state of medicine the life of the mother is never endangered, right?

Rapoo E6300 keymappings for Android

The Rapoo E6300 keyboard is officially sold ony for usage with the iPad but it is basically a normal bluetooth keyboard, so it pairs easily enough with Android devices.

Interestingly enough the keyboard offers all relevant key for controlling an android device, although the usage is not always easy to guess:

keycapwithout Fnwith Fn
EscHome buttonEscape key
F1Search button
F9turn screen off

Long pressing the home key gives the recent app menu, btw.

This post is naturally typed on the E6300, and as one can see one can use quite a bit of Android without touching the screen.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Thoughts about the Nexus 4 pricing

While there has been discussions that Google is subsidizing the Nexus 4, but I don't think that Google is doing it as such:

  • Being the big player with big pockets, selling under cost is an invitation for anti-trust scrutiny.
  • The iPhone 5 production costs are estimated at around $200. I've taken the iPhone 5 as an example because it's costs are being analyzed by many people. While the Nexus 4 is not an iPhone 5, one can probably argue that the costs will be similar. That would leave around $100 for assembly, shipping and handling. Not a huge margin, but enough if one does not care much about the margins on hardware.
  • The Nexus 7 has been similarly rumored to be "to cheap", despite these rumors, the Nexus 7 sales have improved the results of it's manufacturer Asus quite a bit, so no Asus is not loosing money, nor has it declared any subsidies from Google in it's quarterly results.

So why is LG trying to sell the Nexus 4 for twice the price when it's distributing it (Google Play Store is not available in all countries)? Simple LG is trying to emulate the pricing model of Apple with over 100% markup.